Benjamin Bayone Sr, was a hardworking man who provided the best he could for his seven children. In 2016 Benjamin died due to lung cancer at the age of 62. He left behind his wife and seven kids.

As an adult during this time one son Julius Bayone came to understand the importance of the keys lessons his father taught him in the 25 years of his life. He came to cherish that he had a father in his life who afforded the opportunities for Julius to excel in academics, sports, and in community. Julius was convinced that those things made him who he is today.

In turn, Julius, then 25, founded Mission Transformation on August 25, 2015. In honor of his father who was ill at that time. He aims to reproduce the same experience for youth as he did. His vision is to develop, empower, and inspire young boys to achieve greater success in academics, community, and the world. Through parental involvement, strong support from school staff members, and a supportive community students can enhance their knowledge and develop life tools to thrive in a competitive world.

Julius often speaks at school districts, organizations, and companies on topics such as mentoring, academics, and community support.