We exist to see every young boy who have hopes & dreams to live his life in its fullness.

We Empower Lives– Each year Mission Transformation selects a group of boys ages 9-13 to join the current kids in our program. Each boy remains an official mentee of Mission Transformation until he is 18, but the connections remai

n, and we continue to advise and support him in the years that follow. Our goal is to graduate dynamic, effective, independent young men who are leaders and give back to their community.

We Provide Leaders- Mission Transformation empowers boys with the resources they need to become productive men. We develop, empower and inspire. We provide a safe and healthy environment for them. The most important role we ask our mentors is simply to be a good example for our boys.

We have a Gold Standard- Boys must maintain a 2.75 GPA, complete 3 hours of community service each month and maintain good behavior in the classroom, home, and in their community.



Boys enter our program who are at risk or in need. 

Individual + Group Mentor sessions– Regular daylong mentorship sessions are designed to aid in our boys’ overall development. We host four group mentorship sessions per month, covering topics such as time management, decision-making, critical thinking, mental health, etiquette, life skills, work ethic, leadership, civic responsibility, teamwork, and integrity. Kids and mentors also have frequent outings, such as sporting events, college tours, movies, bowling, and volunteer activities. Some of our boys are also paired with a committed mentor for a one-on-one mentoring relationship.

Experiences– Mission Transformation mentees are exposed to golf, swimming, yoga, music, photography, robotics, the arts and more. Every boy participates in at least one of these activities weekly. Mentors also support and encourage our boys in their extracurricular activities by attending events.

Mental Health– We work with an array of Mental Health Specialists in the greater Houston area to provide ongoing counseling for our boys.

Afterschool Program– Mission Transformation partners boys in need of educational support with qualified tutors. These volunteer educators are all current Houston based middle school or high school teachers, familiar with the boys’ coursework.

Expedition– When opportunities present themselves we want to get on the road and in the air to provide our kids with an array of new environments and cultures. These trips include seminars, conferences, retreats, etc. to various different places.



We cannot ignore the true need to see our young boys overcome the lack of resources, lack of financial support, lack of mental health support, lack of education, lack of a leader or a great example. We are committed to our golden standard which is to develop, empower, & inspire our youth for these specifics

Even though we have been in existence for only a few years we are committed to seeing every boy that comes through our program excel in academics, in community, and in the world.